Jobactive Scam Soapbox

Jobactive. On the primary level, the Job Network Provider system is and always has been a sham.

The sole purpose of these organizations is to make a profit out of the unemployed by either forcing them into low paid casual/part time work or to breach them for failure to comply with their ‘mutual obligation’ contracts and therefore suspend or terminate their benefits, they get paid to do either or both.

The so called ‘learning’ qualifications and ‘training sessions’ are also a sham and carry little or no weight in the workplace save to ensure the employer that you can actually read, write and won’t question either wages or conditions, especially those related to occupational health and safety.

Jobactive being a ‘sham’, ‘con’, ‘scam’, or ‘fraud’ is the often reported description to JobListAustralia. By people offline and online.

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