Systematic Blackbirding by 7-Eleven Australia

Lured, Abused then Discarded. The established pattern of Blackbirding slavery.

KERRY O’BRIEN: There have been many inquiries instigated over the years as a result of Four Corners programs, but we’ve never actually had one announced before the story’s gone to air, until now.

The story is our joint investigation with Fairfax Media, which reveals a pattern of widespread wage fraud inflicted on workers across many of the 620 convenience stores run by the 7-Eleven chain across Australia, an empire that generates more than $3 billion in sales a year.

We will clearly show this practice cannot be explained away simply as the fault of a few rogue franchisees. It’s done with the complicit knowledge of head office. At the top of the chain, a brother and sister who have amassed a fortune.

In contrast, we have many examples of workers at 7-Eleven outlets being seriously underpaid or not paid at all, as well as falsified records and simple blackmail.

( This Page.

( This Page.

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