Setup ifttt dot com.

(do before reblog tool)

1a. Signup only requires email and password at ifttt.

1b. Verify your email by clicking the verify link.


2a. Login to ifttt and click on PREFERENCES.

2a. https://ifttt.com/preferences/settings

(at bottom of preference page)

2b. UNCHECK Auto shorten URLs

2c. CLICK BUTTON Update settings

(bitly links wreck reblog pings)


3a. CLICK channels, then CLICK email

3a. or https://ifttt.com/email

4. Enter your blog by email address

5. CLICK BUTTON send pin number


6a. Go to your blog in another browser tab or window.

(do not close ifttt window)

6b. Read your pin number off your blog.

6c. Enter your pin number into ifttt and click save.

7. Once the email channel is done you can then use the reblog tool.