ABOUT the Ifttt FEED Channel.

A FEED is the rss, atom, xml, or other, that enables distribution of page content.

The ifttt FEED channel is a tool that READS the FEED content and passes it to other tools within ifttt.

You can NOT remove or delete it from you ifttt account.

You do NOT have to ENABLE it either. It just exists in every account waitng to be used.

For most ifttt tools (which ifttt calls recipes) the FEED channel is usually the TRIGGER.

(Trigger + Action = Recipe)

The Trigger is the first part of the Recipe, many of us would know as INPUT.

The ACTION is the second part of the Recipe, many of us would know as OUTPUT.

IFTTT SAYS THIS: This Trigger fires every time a new item is added to the feed you specify.

IFTTT SAYS THIS: For feed URL requirements, visit the ifttt help page http://ift.tt/1uHt0N1