Can the Rupert Press successfully bait a useful idiot and get it to reverberate their sans-fact nonsense?

Before I raced out the door this morning, I caught an article in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph (and republished across the metropolitan Murdoch mastheads) that has had me simmering with anger for most of the day; returning to my desk tonight I see the Tele has also editorialised on the story of two self-entitled examples of an army of lazy, self-indulgent bludgers.

”has had me simmering with anger for most of the day” looks like a good start.

It’s about time Australia confronted reality – and the army of insidious socialist activists who slap down dissidents with abuse and lawsuits – and accepted that a huge problem exists where the so-called ”age of entitlement” is concerned; based on a study quoted in the Tele that was compiled from federal government figures, that age seems to fall between 15 and 29, and the number of its cohort appears to be increasing.

”age of entitlement”, ”confronted reality” and many more adjectives and phrases that the Rupert Press use to impress the easily impressed are used.

So-called NEETs – young people ”not in education, employment or training” – are a double-edged sword; it has long been known, and shown, that school leavers and recent graduates are among those who find it hardest to secure work, and the recent OECD Investing in Youth report found 580,000 Australians in the 15 to 29 age bracket are NEETs: an increase of 100,000 in eight years.

”increase of 100,000 in eight years” Big deal.

Not knowing the BASIC facts WILL make an idiot useful. Congratulations!

The warts in Canberra are starting to wage a cost savings war on Centrelink and its clients. No doubt the Rupert Press will do all it can to give the warts as much advertising as it can. Drooling idiots will swallow it, hook, line, and sinker.

The linked Torie Story is a great example of Rupert Press ‘language’, ‘adjectives’ and ‘style’ of nonsense. The same type of left/right ‘simple-think’ is used too.

For those actually interested in FACTS.

1. 100,000 to 200,000 jobs available most months nationwide. Usually under 150,000.

2. 2 Million job-seekers in Australia, minimum.

3. Under-employed are now a bigger job-seeker group than Un-employed.

4. Very High ratio (70%, 80%, 90%) of the jobs available are casual, single-shift, small earning jobs, that even when taken, they still get the dole.

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