Can the Rupert Press successfully bait a useful idiot and get it to reverberate their sans-fact nonsense?

Before I raced out the door this morning, I caught an article in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph (and republished across the metropolitan Murdoch mastheads) that has had me simmering with anger for most of the day; returning to my desk tonight I see the Tele has also editorialised on the story of two self-entitled examples of an army of lazy, self-indulgent bludgers.

”has had me simmering with anger for most of the day” looks like a good start.

It’s about time Australia confronted reality – and the army of insidious socialist activists who slap down dissidents with abuse and lawsuits – and accepted that a huge problem exists where the so-called ”age of entitlement” is concerned; based on a study quoted in the Tele that was compiled from federal government figures, that age seems to fall between 15 and 29, and the number of its cohort appears to be increasing.

”age of entitlement”, ”confronted reality” and many more adjectives and phrases that the Rupert Press use to impress the easily impressed are used.

So-called NEETs – young people ”not in education, employment or training” – are a double-edged sword; it has long been known, and shown, that school leavers and recent graduates are among those who find it hardest to secure work, and the recent OECD Investing in Youth report found 580,000 Australians in the 15 to 29 age bracket are NEETs: an increase of 100,000 in eight years.

”increase of 100,000 in eight years” Big deal.

Not knowing the BASIC facts WILL make an idiot useful. Congratulations!

The warts in Canberra are starting to wage a cost savings war on Centrelink and its clients. No doubt the Rupert Press will do all it can to give the warts as much advertising as it can. Drooling idiots will swallow it, hook, line, and sinker.

The linked Torie Story is a great example of Rupert Press ‘language’, ‘adjectives’ and ‘style’ of nonsense. The same type of left/right ‘simple-think’ is used too.

For those actually interested in FACTS.

1. 100,000 to 200,000 jobs available most months nationwide. Usually under 150,000.

2. 2 Million job-seekers in Australia, minimum.

3. Under-employed are now a bigger job-seeker group than Un-employed.

4. Very High ratio (70%, 80%, 90%) of the jobs available are casual, single-shift, small earning jobs, that even when taken, they still get the dole.

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  1. Oh yes, the Libs will get a lot of advertising off Rupert to sink the boot into those on Centrelink. The Libs will probably waste a lot on taxpayer money creating more hoops for them to jump through, even though there is not the jobs there anyway.

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  2. You watch Coconut, the Labs and Nats will line up with the Libs to waste the taxpayer money too. They are ALL warts and should be burnt off. We need a better type of people going to Canberra instead of the pocket liners we continue to get. The stupid media only makes things worse too with their smoke and mirrors routines, which only encourages fools to repeat their nonsense without applying any common sense, or understanding even the very basic of facts.


  3. Turnbull has turned out to be just as nasty as Abbott hasn’t he? Here is some more of Turnbull’s nastiness.
    All in the name of “cost” cutting and “savings” no doubt. I also agree that the ALP and Nats are just as bad, they all say one thing to their electorates, then legislate the opposite.


  4. I didn’t even bother following the post link Jobsta as I have seen some of it on Newscrap already. I am finding Newscrap to be catering to a very spiteful and stupid audience now of days and really don’t know why I even bother clicking on their links, as I nearly always regret it.

    @cathy31 Thanks. Good read.

    I do have to say the Nationals are the biggest two-faced hypocrites. They expect everybody to “buy” Aussie when it comes to propping up “rural” jobs and then vote for all things that reduce people from being able to afford them. This will be yet again, the idiot Nationals helping Turnbull reduce welfare, then complaining about one dollar milk.

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  5. @Rob Smith Glad you liked it.

    @Joblist Glad you liked it too. That was a good idea putting my link in the other post, you should do that more often. I got quite a surprise when I rechecked my rss reader.


  6. @Rob That is a great point, very insightful about the milk. We will get more squealing from Barney Joyce when even more people end up buying one dollar milk and blaming everybody else except himself.


  7. Unemployed and underemployed Australians can be issued with on-the-spot fines by privately owned job agencies under a tough new Government proposal, writes Owen Bennett.

    Next month the Turnbull Government will be asking the Senate to support one of the most devastating attacks launched against poor and vulnerable Australians in recent memory.

    The Bill – entitled Social Security Legislation Amendment (Further Strengthening Job Seeker Compliance) Bill 2015 – proposes to give privately run job agencies unprecedented new powers to financially penalize unemployed and underemployed Australians. If passed the fines will come into effect on 1 July 2016.

    @Cathy31 I think this opening part shows just how non-different the Turnbull Libs are from the Abbott Libs and still trying to inflict more misery upon the already trampled. Does anybody know if this bill has passed? I hope it didn’t.


  8. Yes Rob, spot on. I am also predicting higher crime, drugs or violence numbers once the fools start on their Centrelink bullshit. I noticed the blue-red site reckon ‘national’ service is an answer. Of course they are pretending it will be at zero cost to taxpayers, but in reality it will be multiple the cost of dole payments.


  9. Oh I am pretty sure the old national service chestnut is another case of copy catting at the-red-blue site coconuts. I know I have seen it floated on a-current affair or similar network-style show and would not surprise me if the Rupert Press use it too, but you’re right on the cost aspect.


  10. Why did you pick on the red and blue site? Why choose it instead of the daily telegraph? Surely both sites have the right to express their opinions about taxpayer funded layabouts?


  11. JacobT my google alerts selected both the daily telegraph and the-red-blue site, both links came in the same alert.

    The DT story smelled like an ACA style cheque book churn piece, where reporters go to under-privileged areas to find a not too bright “sinner” to stoke public outrage with. The Rupert Press not only found a stooge on “steroids” with the-red-blue, other stooges include Radio networks, TV networks and Treasurer Morrison.

    The Rupert Press and their stooges starting point is 50% WRONG. One of the girls (“scum”, “layabouts”, “bludgers”) is not even on Centrelink.

    At no stage did I imply the Rupert Press or the stooges should not “express their opinions”, this is a free country and everybody has the right to display their foolishness, all the way up to “Treasurer”, apparently.


  12. I didn’t even see the guardian story before, and didn’t realize how very wrong they all are. Yes stooges is fitting.


  13. Ok, fair point, it would have helped if you put the guardian part in your post in the first place instead of “the-facts” you ran with. I also noticed the blue red site deleted your comments.


  14. @JacobT the previous reply from Joblist was using google alerts, you might want to check the dates and timestamps of the various posts, I don’t think the guardian was written until “after” this post, and I don’t know how long google alerts take as I don’t use them. I hope that helps.


  15. @Coconut, thanks, but don’t get too excited, it was rather obvious and media watch would have had to do it to not look silly too. I also wouldn’t be surprised if many other blogs and twitters picked up on it as being bullshit and somewhat forced media watch’s hand.

    @JacobT You are making too many assumptions and inferring things that didn’t happen or doesn’t exist, which smells like trolling. The Rupert Press has several Devotional Sites containing Libs PR which they occasionally dilute with ‘news’. The red-blue site is also a Devotional Site (probably operated by the Young Libs, or Business Group’s astroturfing Agency, or a Piers Akerman wanna-be) which did not “delete my comments” because I did not make any. I didn’t record the publishing timeline (nor care) and you’ll have to do it yourself, but @Cathy31 seems correct regarding the dates, timestamps and google alerts. The Guardian alert WAS different to the DT and the-red-blue alert.


  16. “The Rupert Press has several Devotional Sites containing Libs PR which they occasionally dilute with news.”

    That is so true and so funny Jobsta.


  17. You are obviously a Leftist Rob and no doubt think it is funny as you called the DT newscrap in your first comment, can’t you guys handle the truth?


  18. A typical troll screams leftist at other people too Jacob. Do I need to put you in the spam-bin? You have made 4 comments. The last 2 ARE troll comments. The first 2 are borderline. This is NOT a politics blog and I am not interested in being drowned in comments of the ‘Party-Devotional’ type. There is plenty of other blogs for you to play at if that is your thing.


  19. I don’t mean to get picky Joblist, but on your soapbox description category you said it “is the open discussion and comments on anything post” which seems you’re being a bit harsh on JacobT, or somewhat hypocritical. Justsaying.


  20. Cathy, think back to a couple of years ago before I cleaned out this blog of old posts loaded with denier and other barrow pushers comments containing a flood of links to denier sites or large images of graphs that made the page load take forever, all of which were off topic. Commenter’s should understand that blog owners receive every comment on their blog by email and can get cranky when their email gets flooded with unrelated or off topic blog spam.

    A quick lesson in identifying trolls, using Jacobs 4 comments above.

    Comment.1 Why? Why? Why? Could be a troll probing for reaction, or at best a fool that hasn’t bothered to check what the site is about.

    Comment.2 “blue red site deleted your comments” Trolling tacked onto the end of a proper comment, which implies Joblist made comments.

    Comment.3 Yelling “leftist” at another commenter who is responding to another person, in this case, the blog owner.

    Cathy, ultimately the soapbox is open to followers and guests to discuss whatever they want, but that does not mean I have to host trolls, and I will zap them with the spam-bin if necessary.


  21. Sorry if I pushed your buttons Joblist. I didn’t mean to. Thanks for explaining about the trolls as I didn’t really understand what was meant by them, but now that you reminded me of those damn annoying denier idiots, I can also see Jacob is writing similar stuff.


  22. We are good Cathy, no buttons were pushed. I did suspect you may not have known about the trolls, and in some ways that is my fault. Back in the denier days I didn’t have time to learn about the spam-bin, so I ended up letting the trolls run riot. If I had known I just had to put their ip-address in it, I could have killed most of them off pretty quickly. That’s the learning curve I guess.


  23. “Drooling idiots will swallow it, hook, line, and sinker”

    Too often the stupid media spend more money and effort trying to inflame instead of investigating. I think you did a good job by being in front of media watch and calling out the bullshit so quickly. Thanks.


  24. I agree Anthony. Fancy trolling centrelink car parks and writing rubbish about people, then thinking they are doing “Journalism”. What a bunch of wankers they are.


  25. “this is a free country and everybody has the right to display their foolishness, all the way up to Treasurer, apparently”

    ROFL. Yes they did, didn’t they.


  26. anthony said “the stupid media spend more money and effort trying to inflame instead of investigating”

    I don’t think there is any attempt to even investigate in the slightest when the attack is on Centerlink clients. If they were doing even the slightest investigating of the welfare system, they would be going after the “jobactive” service-fee waste and possible corruption. The only people benefiting from a million plus taxpayer funded service fees, and only 100,000 jobs available, is those receiving the fees.


  27. Morgan numbers for September 2016 folks.
    Total Job-seekers 2.103 million.
    UNemployed 1.101 million.
    UNDERemployed 1.002 million.
    Item “3” in the post is now incorrect as the numbers have changed and flipped UNemployed back to being the (slightly) larger group. I suspect they will flip back and forth many more times for quite some time into the future.


  28. “3. Under-employed are now a bigger job-seeker group than Un-employed.”

    Thanks for the update and correction, but I wouldn’t worry too much as the numbers do tend to bounce about a bit. Next months morgan numbers will be interesting as I’ve heard on the telly that 53,000 full time jobs were ditched this month.


  29. “53,000 full time jobs were ditched this month”

    Which only makes the Treasurer and Newscrap look even MORE foolish! Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t 53,000 nearly double the usual monthly (full-time) job loss?


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