RoyMorgan Unemployment Findings September 2016

RoyMorgan In September 2016 Australian real unemployment is now 8.5% (up 0.2% in a year) and under-employment 7.7% (up 0.4%).
In September 2016 a total of 2.103 million Australians, 16.2% of the workforce, were either unemployed (1,101,000) or under-employed (1,002,000). This total is up 109,000 (up 0.6%) from September 2015.
Unemployment is now comparable to a year ago with 1.101 million Australians (up 43,000 since September 2015) now unemployed.
These real unemployment figures are substantially higher than the current ABS figure for August 2016 (5.6%).
The Australian workforce increased to 12,930,000 (up 166,000 since September 2015), but total employment only increased to 11,829,000 (up 123,000).


This shows there have not been enough new full-time jobs created over the past year to soak up the growing number of people looking for work and thus the increasing size of the workforce.

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