RoyMorgan Unemployment Findings September 2016

RoyMorgan In September 2016 Australian real unemployment is now 8.5% (up 0.2% in a year) and under-employment 7.7% (up 0.4%).
In September 2016 a total of 2.103 million Australians, 16.2% of the workforce, were either unemployed (1,101,000) or under-employed (1,002,000). This total is up 109,000 (up 0.6%) from September 2015.
Unemployment is now comparable to a year ago with 1.101 million Australians (up 43,000 since September 2015) now unemployed.
These real unemployment figures are substantially higher than the current ABS figure for August 2016 (5.6%).
The Australian workforce increased to 12,930,000 (up 166,000 since September 2015), but total employment only increased to 11,829,000 (up 123,000).


This shows there have not been enough new full-time jobs created over the past year to soak up the growing number of people looking for work and thus the increasing size of the workforce.

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Setup the Reblog Tool.

1a. Once you have setup ifttt in the previous steps,

remain logged in to ifttt and import the reblog tool at the link above. Scroll down to the bottom of page and click ADD recipe button.

1b. Click my-recipes link,

you should be able to see the reblog tool ADDED on this ifttt page, if you can see the reblog tool link click it. (if you cannot see it, repeat 1a)

1c. You may be able to give this recipe a NAME here, if so rename it “reblog-job” and click DONE at the bottom of page. (if not, just click DONE)

(Some browsers return you to a blank page, if that happens, re-open the my-recipes link to get you back into your project.)


2a. Click on my-recipes, then “reblog-job” (or reblog tool) and you should see the contents areas of the recipe. First is the recipe NAME area which should now have “reblog-job” in it.

2b. Next is the FEED url area, EG,

2c. Next is the email SUBJECT area, USE, {{EntryTitle}}

2d. Next is the email BODY area, USE, {{EntryContent}}

2e. Click save. Use these 4 areas to reblog any of the Job List Australia feeds. Use the reblog tool as many times as you want, just remember to give them different NAMES, as the names are what is shown on the my-recipes page.

2f. Other ifttt values you may find useful when doing other reblogs are, {{EntryPublished}}, {{FeedTitle}}, and {{EntryUrl}}.





What are these links on the bottom of JobListAustralia posts for?

This is an rss feed. You can use it in the reblog tool.


Clicking this search link will allow you to VIEW what the CONTENT of the feed is before you reblog it.

(Any category url or tag url on wordpress can be turned into an rss feed by adding the “FEED/” to the end of the url.)




ABOUT the Ifttt EMAIL Channel.

The Email Channel is a native IFTTT Channel for sending and receiving emails.

The Send Me an Email Action has a daily limit of 750 messages per day.

You will receive an email alert when you have reached 500 messages.

When the daily limit has been reached, any Personal Recipes using the Send Me Email Action will be paused. The Recipes will resume running when the daily limit resets at approximately 12:00 AM GMT.


The Email Digest Channel is a native IFTTT Channel that collects content and sends you an email digest on a daily or weekly schedule.

The REBLOG TOOL uses the EMAIL channel and NOT the DIGEST channel.


Users of ifttt are able to use both the digest channel and the email channel from their ifttt acount.

For example, Freddy joins ifttt with his regular email, confirms with the verify link, and the ifttt acount shows his email when logged in.

Freddy wants to read some news feeds at work, so he sets his DIGEST channel to his work email. Freddy also is using the reblog tool and has set his EMAIL channel to his to automatically reblog his favorite topics. Freddy had to confirm both channels with pin numbers sent by ifttt to his work email and blog to get this to happen. (Even if Freddy set BOTH channels to his WORK email, the channels pin numbers ARE NOT the same.)


The Feed Channel provides Triggers and Actions for working with RSS and Atom web feeds.

A web feed (or news feed) is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content.

Content distributors syndicate a web feed, thereby allowing users to subscribe to it.

The REBLOG TOOL uses the FEED channel too.




ABOUT the Ifttt FEED Channel.

A FEED is the rss, atom, xml, or other, that enables distribution of page content.

The ifttt FEED channel is a tool that READS the FEED content and passes it to other tools within ifttt.

You can NOT remove or delete it from you ifttt account.

You do NOT have to ENABLE it either. It just exists in every account waitng to be used.

For most ifttt tools (which ifttt calls recipes) the FEED channel is usually the TRIGGER.

(Trigger + Action = Recipe)

The Trigger is the first part of the Recipe, many of us would know as INPUT.

The ACTION is the second part of the Recipe, many of us would know as OUTPUT.

IFTTT SAYS THIS: This Trigger fires every time a new item is added to the feed you specify.

IFTTT SAYS THIS: For feed URL requirements, visit the ifttt help page