What Is Blackbirding

The Australian sugar industry was founded on the sweat of men and women ENTICED or KIDNAPPED from the islands of the South Pacific.

Sugar Slaves is the story of that human traffic, known as ”BLACKBIRDING”.

Between 1863 and 1904 about 60,000 islanders were transported to the colony of Queensland, where they toiled to create the sugar plantations.

Then, after the introduction of a White Australia policy, most were DEPORTED.


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Forty Jobs A Month

LYNDAL CURTIS: But 40 jobs a month.

That’s two jobs a day per working week you have to apply for.

MINISTER ABETZ: That’s right. One in the morning. One in the afternoon. I don’t think that is too much to ask and I might say that is for most job seekers. There will be exemptions in certain circumstances. But in general terms 20 working days in a month, asking somebody to seek a job in the morning and one in the afternoon is not too much to ask.

LYNDAL CURTIS: Do you have to apply for jobs you are skilled and qualified for or

do you just have to meet a target?

Can you apply for anything at all?

MINISTER ABETZ: We would invite people to apply for any possible job that they think that they can undertake.






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