ABS Fraud And Media Useless

JLA: 1. The fraud of ABS unemployment numbers pretending to be useful information to the unemployed, part-employed, jobseekers, employers, voters and Australian’s generally, needs to stop.

JLA: 2. Lazy, dishonest, frightened, corrupt media need to stop being pets of the politicians that are the only people benefitting from the unemployment numbers coming out of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

RM: The ‘under-employed’ are those people who are in part-time work or consultants who are looking for more work.

RM: (Unfortunately the ABS does not release this figure in their monthly unemployment survey results).


RM: Now 2.69 million Australians (20.7% of the workforce) are unemployed or under-employed in December as students hit the jobs market.

RM: A record 13,007,000 Australians are in the workforce (up 106,000 since December 2014) and 11,751,000 Australians are employed (up a large 252,000 since December 2014);

RM: Now 7,387,000 Australians are employed full-time – down 178,000 since December 2014;

RM: However a record 4,364,000 Australians are employed part-time (up a large 430,000 since December 2014); Of concern is the record 1,434,000 Australians under-employed – working part-time and looking for more hours or a full-time job: 11% of the workforce – up 188,000 (or 1.3%) since December 2014;

RM: As school-leavers seek jobs unemployment has increased for the third straight month to 1,256,000 Australians: 9.7% of the workforce – down 146,000 since December 2014 with the unemployment rate down 1.2%;

RM: Now a record 2,690,000 Australians are unemployed or under-employed: 20.7% of the workforce – up 42,000 (up 0.1%) since December 2014.

RM: This month’s increase from 9.2% to 9.7% means the latest Roy Morgan unemployment estimate is now 3.9% higher than the figure currently quoted by the ABS for November 2015 (5.8%).


Job Seeking 20.7%

Under Employed 11%

Unemployed 9.7%

ABS Fraud 5.8%

Lazy Media Pets 5.8%